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Suklaa offers luxuriously rich products that you have been waiting for!

What is Suklaa?

Suklaa is an amazing mineral cosmetics brand, this line will have you feeling like a celebrity. They offer cosmetic, skin, and hair care products.

Formulated and created by Cynthia Van Patten, a Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician and successful salon and spa owner for 15 years, her color inspiration comes from your favorite celebrities and their signature sense of style.

What sets Suklaa apart from other companies?

This Suklaa product line is made with natural and organic ingredients (98% of ingredients used are Vegan ingredients!). Never tested on animals, Suklaa is the responsible product line you’re absolutely going to love.

Suklaa Ingredient List
The Ingredient Definitions

Suklaa quality results without the high price. Benefit from the minerals that have natural SPF, water resistant, oil free (in the loose form), highly pigmented (a little bit goes a long way), gluten free, talc free, parabin-free, natural shimmer, and more.

Suklaa's mission is to be everything you will need it to be and more because they know the world is not just black and white. Suklaa products are all about addressing those grey areas. Grey areas such as different complexions, sensitive skin, and acne. This is the definition of Suklaa.


    Mineral Powders have taken the cosmetics industry by storm. They are beneficial for the skin, natural looking, and can be used in virtually any cosmetic.  You’re going to love this make-up!

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons prefer mineral powder cosmetics for their patients for post-procedure and post-surgery wear because they are so gentle on the skin. Studies show those with acne find that mineral make up actually improves their complexion.


Minerals on the Move

A complete mineral powder 9-piece starter kit. Each kit contains:

(2) 4g Mineral Foundations
(1) 2.5g Mineral Luminescence
(1) 2.5g Mineral Eyeshadow
(1) 2.5g Mineral Blush
1 Lipstick
1 Eyeshadow Primer
1 Shadow Brush
1 Original Kabuki Brush

You can order replacements separate*

Minerals on the Move Blush Refill
2.5g Mineral Blush

Minerals on the Move Foundation Refill
4g Mineral Foundation

Minerals on the Move Eyeshadow Refill
2.5g Mineral Eyeshadow


Minerals on the Move Luminescence Refill
2.5g Mineral Luminescence

Minerals on the Move Lipstick Refill

Minerals on the Move Eye Primer Refill
Eyeshadow Primer

What should you do now?

Don't just take my word for it, experience Suklaa for yourself!

 Cynthia Van Patten explaing the Suklaa line


Micronized Titanium Dioxide Opacifier

UV Blocker Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

Skin Protectant Kaolin

Zinc Stearate

Magnesium Carbonate


Mica Mineral

Jojoba Oil Esters

Binder Tocopherol

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The Fact of Healthy Coffee

Did you know that coffee is an $18 billion a year industry in the U.S.

We all know the importance of eating healthy. Unfortunately, our busy lives prohibit us from having good eating habits. While nothing compares to proper nutrition, Ganovia can help you take a step in the right direction. Here at Ganovia, we believe proper nutrition is your best bet for a happier, healthier you.

What is Healthy Coffee?

Ganovia coffee has 3 powerful "Super Foods" in every cup.

Goji Berry, Ganoderma Extract, and Cordyceps.

About the Goji Berry in Ganovia
Used in Chinese medicine for nearly 4,000 years, this "Super Food" is full of powerful antioxidants. It's also high in protein and contains high levels of Vitamins C, A, E and B. In fact, goji berries contain more iron than spinach and more beta carotene than carrots. In China, this is known as their super energizing herb, and one can certainly see why!

About the Ganoderma Mushroom in Ganovia
known as the miraculous king of herbs, the ganoderma mushroom has been used for centuries to promote health and longevity.  The ganoderma extract contains hundreds of antioxidants, this "Super Food" is held in high regard in the Orient. Japan and China use this ganoderma extract as a licensed medical treatment. This ganoderma extract helps to promote a natural immune system to maintain balance in the body.

About the Cordyceps in Ganovia
Some consider this to be the ultimate "Super Food" and is known for having restorative and energizing properties. In fact, this food can be found today in the pharmaceutical industry, supplement manufacturing, and as a food additive. It's extremely high in beta-glucans, which helps to support proper oxygen levels in the body. By maintaining an oxygen-rich environment, your body is better armed to ward off disease.

Compare The Cost of Healthy Coffee

You've probably noticed the change taking place with gourmet coffee shops opening on every corner. If you frequent these locations like 50% of the population, it can be quite convenient. However, it's also very expensive. If you fall in the nation's average drinking 3 cups every day, you can triple the savings and reap the benefits of Ganovia. .The nation's average for an espresso based drink is $2.45. Compare that to the unit price of our Ganovia Coffee at only $0.93 per cup, and you can see why our coffee is at the center of attention. But, let’s take it one step further with a little math.
Let's be modest and say that you drink one specialty coffee drink five days a week (the average is 3.2 cups per day). If you purchase this drink during your work week at a specialty shop, that's costing you on average $637 per year. If you switch that habit for Ganovia Coffee, you'd be spending only $241.80! That's a savings of nearly $400 every year!

              Classic Black and Arabica Black
            Purchase/More Info. -                  Ganovia

| Business Owners | Non-Profits | Organizations|

who are interested in complementing your business with Healthy Gourmet Coffee, Please Fill out this form and I will contact you shortly through email to find out more about your business and send out a sample.

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Take lead with Mobile Marketing

What is Definition of Mobile Marketing Advertising?

A Mobile Marketing service that allows businesses to reach their desired customers by

giving clients the ability to create, launch and manage their mobile interactions and

messaging. (‘American Idol’ did this to collect votes) ('Fast food chains do this to offer discounts)

How can it Benefit you?

There are more than 300 million cell phone users in the U.S., and most of them admit to

never leaving home without their phone. With that many people walking around with their mobile

phone, it is time to get smart about mobile marketing efforts and engaging customers through an

outlet they always take to go.

Mobile phones have the ability to drive a major shift in business growth through their

unique capabilities and the fact that they’re personal, powerful and portable.

Example :

(By launching a text-to-give campaign, the American Red Cross was able to raise

around $22 million for Haiti relief—all within just two weeks of the massive

2010 earthquake).

No software and no download of our mobile marketing program is required. You

configure your keywords through a simple website that you can access from any

computer that is connected to the Internet. You can even access your account from a

smartphone if you are on the move and need to send a text message to your database.

What should you do now?

Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing -

Z Mobile

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Black Friday Madness

This year I waited in line on Black Friday at the local mall from 11pm til 12am. It definately brought back memories of my childhood going Black Friday shopping. People came out in masses just to get the special sales. However, this year there was hardly any sales. In the previous years I can remember "50% - 80% off" signs. Those signs were either absent from the stores or in the minority.

I completely understand going Black Friday shopping for the tradition and "enjoyment" but the point of my post is to promote shopping online because the sales in stores is not what it used to be. Store owners are not willing to lower their prices drastically because the fear of little or no return.

On the flip side, online stores offer special sales and even offer special incentives. I would like to share one of those incentives. On a site called Zamzuu, you can own your own shopping mall with 700+ stores. You can earn commissions every time you shop on stores you already know etc

Benefit from the online sales and the online commission.

To get started and create you account -  Sign Up

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Benefit from your Shopping with Commission

This post is for those that shop online.

Shopping online is a major headache reliever for the majority of us. 

  - No lines      - Better deals    - Saves gas     - Saves time

A huge network of popular stores offer commission for shopping online with them.

Stores like BestBuy, Macy's, Sear's, Gap, Express, Giant Grocery Store (Peapod) etc..

Hundreds of stores offer commission just to shop online, if you are interested fill out some information to create your free account


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Zamzuu The Ultimate Shopping Experience

I want to clear up a few things with Zamzuu. If you are reading this you must have a good reason. Either you are doing research, already part of Zamzuu, or maybe even randomly stumbled on this topic.

It's not important on how you got here but it is important that you get the answers you seek. My review is from being an outside with Zamzuu and now being a part of it. I have a critical way of looking at things and I must research everything before I am in belief.

1. What is Zamzuu?         2. Is it a Scam?           3. What Next?

1. Zamzuu is a complete Product Distribution System designed to give customers the stores they want, all in one place. ZamZuu is the ultimate shopping experience for the customer. Zamzuu has more than 700 stores on their site. It allows the shopper to earn a cash back percentage from the stores on their site. Stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Macys, Sears,, The Gap, Giant Grocery Store (Peapod), etc.

I was impressed with the range of stores Zamzuu have under their belt. These are popular stores that most people love. They even have specialty stores that are only unique to Zamzuu. The specialty stores offer coffee, health/beauty aids, and more.

2. Now, time for the reason most of you are reading this. Is Zamzuu a Scam? After doing some research and trying it myself I have came to the conclusion that Zamzuu is not a scam. First and foremost Zamzuu is a free site that anyone can sign up to use. Eventhough you can pay to access further benefits with the company, it is not required. With Zamzuu's free sign up you can make cash back off of anyone who shops on your Zamzuu page and from your own purchases. Commission checks will be mailed the 25th of the month once ZamZuu has received the commission from the store. Commission is generally received approximately two months after a purchase has been made; however, this time frame varies by store. The company is not scamming you into paying for anything. Also, the company is exactly who they say they are. There is your answer, Zamzuu is not a scam. Zamzuu goes against the definition of a scam in every way. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary a scam is a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.

3. Now what's next?

Put Zamzuu to the test and create your Zamzuu account.

Create your free ZamZuu Affiliate account and experience the benefits of Zamzuu, The Ultimate Shopping Experience.


Leave Comments to let me know how Zamzuu is working out for you.

Are Your Kids Targeted by Porn?

I hope you and your family are doing well.

I wanted to update you briefly on a few staggering statistics that I think may shock you.

= One in five children ages 10-17 have received a sexual solicitation over the Internet.

= One in four children who use the Internet are exposed to unsolicited pornographic material.

= 2.5 billion emails per day are pornographic (YES BILLION!).

= 70 percent of sexual advances over the Internet happened while youngsters were on a home computer.

= 21 percent of teens say they have looked at sexual content (porn) in some shape or form on the Internet that they wouldn't want their parents to know.

The truth is the adult entertainment industry is extremely powerful and they have the means and funds necessary to bring their unwanted content into your home with or WITHOUT your permission.

"One of the biggest cultural changes in the United States over the past 25 years has been the widespread acceptance of sexually explicit material - pornography."

                                                                     - CBS NEWS "Porn in the U.S.A.

The adult porn industry is a multi billion dollar industry and they markety heavily online. So you need to fight back to protect your family.

Take action with this Porn Blocker Software

 "Porn in the U.S.A." . CBS NEWS. 5 Dec, 2007.