Monday, November 14, 2011

Zamzuu The Ultimate Shopping Experience

I want to clear up a few things with Zamzuu. If you are reading this you must have a good reason. Either you are doing research, already part of Zamzuu, or maybe even randomly stumbled on this topic.

It's not important on how you got here but it is important that you get the answers you seek. My review is from being an outside with Zamzuu and now being a part of it. I have a critical way of looking at things and I must research everything before I am in belief.

1. What is Zamzuu?         2. Is it a Scam?           3. What Next?

1. Zamzuu is a complete Product Distribution System designed to give customers the stores they want, all in one place. ZamZuu is the ultimate shopping experience for the customer. Zamzuu has more than 700 stores on their site. It allows the shopper to earn a cash back percentage from the stores on their site. Stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Macys, Sears,, The Gap, Giant Grocery Store (Peapod), etc.

I was impressed with the range of stores Zamzuu have under their belt. These are popular stores that most people love. They even have specialty stores that are only unique to Zamzuu. The specialty stores offer coffee, health/beauty aids, and more.

2. Now, time for the reason most of you are reading this. Is Zamzuu a Scam? After doing some research and trying it myself I have came to the conclusion that Zamzuu is not a scam. First and foremost Zamzuu is a free site that anyone can sign up to use. Eventhough you can pay to access further benefits with the company, it is not required. With Zamzuu's free sign up you can make cash back off of anyone who shops on your Zamzuu page and from your own purchases. Commission checks will be mailed the 25th of the month once ZamZuu has received the commission from the store. Commission is generally received approximately two months after a purchase has been made; however, this time frame varies by store. The company is not scamming you into paying for anything. Also, the company is exactly who they say they are. There is your answer, Zamzuu is not a scam. Zamzuu goes against the definition of a scam in every way. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary a scam is a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.

3. Now what's next?

Put Zamzuu to the test and create your Zamzuu account.

Create your free ZamZuu Affiliate account and experience the benefits of Zamzuu, The Ultimate Shopping Experience.


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