Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get in the Caribbean Mix with "Large Up"

"Large Up" is one of my favorite online destinations to keep in touch with the Caribbean music, art, people, etc

What is "Large Up"?

"Large Up is an exclusive journey into authentic Caribbean lifestyle.

Brooklyn based selector/promoter, DJ Gravy and NYC/Kingston based photographer/artist, Martei Korley, lead the Large Up team capturing the unique sounds, styles, flavors, destinations and activities that define Island culture in the Caribbean and abroad."

What can you expect to see at "Large Up"?

Pic Of The Week
Beautiful shots celebrating the beauty of the Caribbean, its people and culture.

Mixtape Mondays
A Weekly Rundown of the Hottest Caribbean Sounds

Toppa Top 10 Tuesdays
Residents and guest curators list and describe 10 Favorites:
Hip Hop x Reggae collabos, Fania songs, Caribbean beers, rums, beaches, models, songs of the year, dances of the decade, etc

Throwback Thursdays
An ode to nostalgic treasures from golden eras of Caribbean music

Fashion Fridays
From the Steets to the runways, hot new styles from, and in celebration of the Caribbean.

What should you do right now?

                     Visit Large Up!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Websites Like

Have you ever wanted to find a similar site to a site you already use? Then "Websites Like" is for you.

What is "Websites Like"?

Websites Like helps you find similar, related or alternative websites. It comes in handy whenever you're looking for alternatives for a website.

What sets "Websites Like" apart from the competition?

Websites Like has by far the largest index of alternative websites publicly available. It has by far the freshest data of its kind with an index that updates several times a day. Their application is incredibly fast and thousands of users rely on as their source to find alternative sites.

What should you do now?

Visit "Websites Like" and discover the alternatives to your favorite websites!

Sunday, April 15, 2012



What is Ardyss?

Founded by the Díaz de León family, Ardyss International is a health & wellness company that specializes in reshaping garments, nutritional, and skin care products. Their revolutionary concept of reshaping the body from the outside-in and reviving the body from the inside-out has catapulted Ardyss to expand rapidly into the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Mexico with future goals for new international markets.

- Reshaping Garments

Ardyss' reshaping garments were designed with superior quality and materials by their team consisting of an orthopedic surgeon, a textile engineer, as well as expert designers and tailors, to help create garments that improve individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

- Nutritional

Ardyss nutritionals offer a complete line of nutritional products provide a vast array of antioxidants, multivitamins, fat burners, regenerators, energizers, and digestive products that will revitalize you.

One of the featured products is Le'Vive, one of the most powerful antioxidant supplement juices on the market today.

- Skin care Products

Ardyss' Personal Care line is designed to help rejuvenate, hydrate and beautify your skin. Complete with products designed for various skin types, their personal care line helps to accentuate your true beauty.


What sets Ardyss apart from similar companies?

The Ardyss family is committed to quality products that reshape and revive the body both inside and out while empowering individuals worldwide with the opportunity to rediscover financial freedom. Besides reshaping garments Ardyss offer they all natural products that are help with various ailments.

Ardyss has helped changed the lives of so many of their dedicated distributors. By doing so, we have overcome many language & cultural barriers while expanding business opportunities to several countries.

What should you do now?

Contact your Personal Ardyss Distributor, Dequkia Matthews.

Phone:          216-200-6220


Website:     Ardyss

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Ever wonder how you can get a discount on your cell phone or reduce your electric bill by saving up to 50%... Well 5LINX is the answer.

What is 5LINX?

5LINX® is a premier network marketing company offering consumers a wide range of products and services. Their company is at the forefront of the latest technologies in the telecommunications and wireless industries.

What sets 5LINX apart from other companies?

5LINX is a premier network marketing company offering consumers and businesses a wide range of services that leverage the latest technologies to save them money. Their successful business model has resulted in unprecedented growth. In fact, 5LINX® was named an Inc. 500 fastest-growing company for four consecutive years (2006-2009) and has been featured in numerous publications. The 5LINX® direct sales model has helped thousand of individuals experience the benefits of entrepreneurship with little risk and minimal investment compared to traditional retail or franchise models. At 5LINX they are also proud of the efforts to support wonderful social and not-for-profit activities, including the See Your Troops Foundation in which they provide $100,000 in products and services to enable service men and women to stay connected to loved ones back home via proprietary GLOBALINX® VideoPhone and VoIP service

5LINX offers a wide range of products/services -

Digital Home Phone Service, Business VOIP Service, 5LINX Mobile, Satellite TV Service, Broadband Internet, 5LINX ID Gaurd, 5 LINX Mobile Accessory, Home Security, 5LINX Credit Card Processing, Business Elite Services, TextAlertz Mobile Marketing, Church Alertz Mobile Marketing, or 5LINX Mobile - Prepaid.

What should you do now?

Benefit from 5LINX's products/services! Or simply inquire for more details!

Contact Mr. William Clay, III



Phone         (301) 395-0794

Friday, March 30, 2012

Forbes Fortune 500 Companies 2011

Forbes annual ranking of America's largest corporations

Before you scroll down to look at the ranking for 2011, see if you can guess the order each company is ranked from 1 - 10.

Wal-Mart -  #1

Exxon Mobile - #2

Chevron - #3

ConocoPhillips - #4


Fannie Mae - #5

General Electric - #6

Berkshire Hathaway - #7

General Motors - #8

Bank of America - #9

Ford Motor - #10

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Imagine being able to save your text without a flash drive, hard drive, or even clicking the save button on your favorite word processor etc

What is ? is a website where you can store text for a certain period of time. The website is mainly used by programmers to store pieces of sources code or configuration information, but anyone is more than welcome to paste any type of text. The idea behind the site is to make it more convenient for people to share large amounts of text online. 

(Ideal for programmers, bloggers, business professionals, teachers, students, writers, and so much more)

What sets apart from other similar companies?

Pastebin gives you full control of your account. When you create an account you get your own Pastebin, "My Pastebin". This means you can now store pastes and have full control over them at any point in the future. Having your own Pastebin is also great for sharing your pastes with others. Your Pastebin is both public and private at the same time. Your public pastes are visible to everybody while the private ones are only visible to you.

What should you do now?

Create your account today by going to!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Big October

What is The Big October?

This brand started in Atlanta Georgia. Josh and his close friend Sekou decided to make a brand that had a catchy name to it that people would remember. It would be a name everyone knows of . They thought of the months of the year and thought why not choose October . Then it was born. The Big October Clothing!

What sets The Big October apart from other companies?

The Big October was inspired by the greatest month of the year October I'd say Germany would have to agree with me on this call (Octoberfest). The month of October brings a lot of art and design principles that T.B.O incorporates into this clothing line.

The Big October is also inspired by many different types of art around the world. There are many different types of pattern, color, & designs in the world influence us to create a design greatly . We are not limited to just the month of October! We have a passion to design clothes that have never been designed before. Please watch The Big October Clothing Line grow year by year as we design plenty of creative collections.

What should you do now?

Visit The Big October to witness creative clothing that have never been designed before.

Facebook -


Twitter -

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Chubby Vegetarian

For the month of March I decided to give up meat (maybe longer). I am doing it with the help of my favorite food blog, The Chubby Vegetarian.

(I normally don't post too many pictures but for this blog post I will make an exception)

What is The Chubby Vegetarian?

The Chubby Vegetarian is a blog that shows vegetarian food in a different light. Vegetarian foods can be as appetizing, delicious, and mouth watering as any other dishes.

Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence, a husband-and-wife team own the The Chubby Vegetarian Blog. They are also the authors of The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook, to be published by Thomas Nelson in March of 2013.  Apart from The Chubby Vegetarian, Justin Fox Burks has been seen on the Food Networks show The Great Food Truck Race.

What sets The Chubby Vegetarian apart from other blogs?

The Chubby Vegetarian doesn't dish up only on extreme health foods and/or recipes like many vegetarian sites, but it gives you a plethora of guilty pleasures. The owners of The Chubby Vegetarian don't just sit behind the computer and compile the recipes, they are actually in the kitchen or involved in the selection.

Along with the recipes and "eye popping" pictures, The Chubby Vegetarian includes some background information on each dish.

What should you do now?

Whether you are a vegetarian or not, head over to The Chubby Vegetarian.

They have something for every one's taste buds! You will be suprised when you see it all, Enjoy!

I do not own any photos or content of The Chubby Vegetarian. All photos and recipes copyright Justin Fox Burks 2008-2011

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why J. Hilburn Custom Menswear Brand ?

J.Hilburn brings you custom luxury menswear without breaking the bank.

Why J. Hilburn?

J. Hilburn is the world’s fastest-growing luxury men’s brand. Their clothes are made from the finest Italian fabric and hand-constructed for every customer.
The J. Hilburn experience is unlike any retail experience in terms of quality, service and value. Their network of more than 800 trusted personal style advisors across the country serve as style concierges for every customer, ensuring the highest quality of service, customized fit and personal attention.

Recommended by Esquire as the "best dress shirt" and by Men's Health as "affordable and stylish".

What sets J. Hilburn apart from other companies?

There’s no shortage of reasons why men hate shopping: the crowds, pushy salespeople and overwhelming selection are just the beginning. The J. Hilburn experience is different. It begins with a personal consultation with a style advisor who gets to know the client’s preferences, takes measurements and helps him build his first shirt from hundreds of high-end European fabric choices and personalized details like fit, collar, cuffs, pockets and more. Over the past year, J. Hilburn has expanded to include customizable trousers, cashmere sweaters, outerwear, accessories, and even suits.

J. Hilburn is disrupting the entire retail industry by compressing its supply chain, delivering high quality custom fit clothing at mass scale and wrapping it with service and personal attention that no other retailer can provide.

What should you do now?

Benefit from J. Hilburn's pricing without sacraficing quality.

Contact your Personal Style Advisor

Name     Cherisse Harper


Phone     443-676-0606

Currently, J. Hilburn and Cherisse are offering $50 off a first time purchase of $100 or more.

Please visit here to register: