Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Travel Vendor (Travel Agent)

In recent years, most if not all tavel professionals are doing business online. The fact is the internet never sleeps and that very same fact is relative to travel. The internet and travel as a result, fits like a glove.

What are the benefits of being a travel professional?

No employees

Low Start up Cost

Proven system of training, support, and experience

FAM trips (Familiarization Trips - Experience the destinations that you are selling for low cost)

FAM trips, are “familiarization trips.” They exist at the pleasure of a vendor to assist a travel professional in becoming “familiar” with their product, a destinat...ion, or an experience. FAM trips can be any sort of travel planned for the purposes of educating oneself in order to become more knowledgeable as a consultant. This includes simple travel agent rates at a hotel or on a cruise.

Can you do it?

Have you gone on a vacation or even experience something that you felt you just had to tell someone? Whether it was a cruise, vacation, or even a trip to another state. The key is word of mouth. If you already do this why not continue to do it and get paid for it.

How does it work?

When you purchase the business, you will recieve a state of the art travel site. Your website is customized with your name and/or business name. Not only can you book through your own .com but you can book with other vendors such as Carnival, Princess, seePuertoRico, Visit Las Vegas etc and still claim your commission. Book travel, rent a car, stay in a hotel, and get paid.

Benefit from sharing last minute deals, international flights, cheap holiday packages, luxury travel, etc..

The travel agent training is detailed and up to date with the most current travel industry information and credentials.

Get Started..

..For less than the price to buy a smartphone and pay the monthly bill.
(Smartphone is 200 plus for the device and monthly is 70 dollars plus no return in your pocket)

The cost to get started is 200 dollars and on your second month a 50 dollar maintenance fee every month. The 50 dollars maintenance fee can be waived by a simple one time act of referring 3 people.

                                                     Get Started

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