Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Big October

What is The Big October?

This brand started in Atlanta Georgia. Josh and his close friend Sekou decided to make a brand that had a catchy name to it that people would remember. It would be a name everyone knows of . They thought of the months of the year and thought why not choose October . Then it was born. The Big October Clothing!

What sets The Big October apart from other companies?

The Big October was inspired by the greatest month of the year October I'd say Germany would have to agree with me on this call (Octoberfest). The month of October brings a lot of art and design principles that T.B.O incorporates into this clothing line.

The Big October is also inspired by many different types of art around the world. There are many different types of pattern, color, & designs in the world influence us to create a design greatly . We are not limited to just the month of October! We have a passion to design clothes that have never been designed before. Please watch The Big October Clothing Line grow year by year as we design plenty of creative collections.

What should you do now?

Visit The Big October to witness creative clothing that have never been designed before.

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