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What is Ardyss?

Founded by the Díaz de León family, Ardyss International is a health & wellness company that specializes in reshaping garments, nutritional, and skin care products. Their revolutionary concept of reshaping the body from the outside-in and reviving the body from the inside-out has catapulted Ardyss to expand rapidly into the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Mexico with future goals for new international markets.

- Reshaping Garments

Ardyss' reshaping garments were designed with superior quality and materials by their team consisting of an orthopedic surgeon, a textile engineer, as well as expert designers and tailors, to help create garments that improve individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

- Nutritional

Ardyss nutritionals offer a complete line of nutritional products provide a vast array of antioxidants, multivitamins, fat burners, regenerators, energizers, and digestive products that will revitalize you.

One of the featured products is Le'Vive, one of the most powerful antioxidant supplement juices on the market today.

- Skin care Products

Ardyss' Personal Care line is designed to help rejuvenate, hydrate and beautify your skin. Complete with products designed for various skin types, their personal care line helps to accentuate your true beauty.


What sets Ardyss apart from similar companies?

The Ardyss family is committed to quality products that reshape and revive the body both inside and out while empowering individuals worldwide with the opportunity to rediscover financial freedom. Besides reshaping garments Ardyss offer they all natural products that are help with various ailments.

Ardyss has helped changed the lives of so many of their dedicated distributors. By doing so, we have overcome many language & cultural barriers while expanding business opportunities to several countries.

What should you do now?

Contact your Personal Ardyss Distributor, Dequkia Matthews.

Phone:          216-200-6220


Website:     Ardyss

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