Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get in the Caribbean Mix with "Large Up"

"Large Up" is one of my favorite online destinations to keep in touch with the Caribbean music, art, people, etc

What is "Large Up"?

"Large Up is an exclusive journey into authentic Caribbean lifestyle.

Brooklyn based selector/promoter, DJ Gravy and NYC/Kingston based photographer/artist, Martei Korley, lead the Large Up team capturing the unique sounds, styles, flavors, destinations and activities that define Island culture in the Caribbean and abroad."

What can you expect to see at "Large Up"?

Pic Of The Week
Beautiful shots celebrating the beauty of the Caribbean, its people and culture.

Mixtape Mondays
A Weekly Rundown of the Hottest Caribbean Sounds

Toppa Top 10 Tuesdays
Residents and guest curators list and describe 10 Favorites:
Hip Hop x Reggae collabos, Fania songs, Caribbean beers, rums, beaches, models, songs of the year, dances of the decade, etc

Throwback Thursdays
An ode to nostalgic treasures from golden eras of Caribbean music

Fashion Fridays
From the Steets to the runways, hot new styles from, and in celebration of the Caribbean.

What should you do right now?

                     Visit Large Up!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Websites Like

Have you ever wanted to find a similar site to a site you already use? Then "Websites Like" is for you.

What is "Websites Like"?

Websites Like helps you find similar, related or alternative websites. It comes in handy whenever you're looking for alternatives for a website.

What sets "Websites Like" apart from the competition?

Websites Like has by far the largest index of alternative websites publicly available. It has by far the freshest data of its kind with an index that updates several times a day. Their application is incredibly fast and thousands of users rely on as their source to find alternative sites.

What should you do now?

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